Recent work

This page does not include all my work. I also don’t update it daily. Started this page on the 22nd of June 2021. This serves to give prospective clients an idea of what it is I do. Latest work will be listed at the top.

IVR VO for a medical insurance company

VO for safety induction to a mineral processing plant

Imaging for a commercial radio station

Introduction video VO for international auto parts manufacturer

Update to a prior training video VO

IVR work for a company in the residential maintenance industry

IVR work for a company in the auto repair industry

Radio spot for national retailer

Radio spot for logistics company in the energy sector

Testimonial video VO

Various IVRs including for an Internet of Things / IoT company

Commercial radio spot for international investment fund

IVR for multiple sites of a franchise

Induction VO for site safety at a mining company

Corporate VO for telecoms company

IVR for a project management company

IVR for company in the construction industry

TV promo for an academic institution

Radio Promo for national retailer

Explainer VO for a charity working in the Middle East and Africa

Radio spot promoting a new lifestyle and DIY concept store

Radio Imaging VO

Retail promo VO

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