This page does not include all my work. I also don’t update it daily. I remove older listings to keep the page length sensible. This serves to give prospective clients an idea of what it is I do. The latest work will be listed at the top.

LAST UPDATED – 5 August 2022

Promo spot for a pool refurbishment supplies manufacturer.

Promo spot for a forklift supplier.

Online promo voice over for a motor industry parts retailer.

Radio spot voiced for a renewable energy equipment retailer.

IVR voice over for a financial consultancy.

Corporate voice over for an industrial construction company.

Voice over for a multinational retailer from the Netherlands.

Technical explainer voice over for an industrial conveyor company.

IVR for a multinational luxury hotel group.

Television station promo voice over.

Station promo voice over for a commercial radio station.

Voice over for an American vehicle retail brand.

Mine induction video voice over.

Voiceover for an American utility vehicle manufacturer.

Radio spot for an insurance company in Namibia.

Corporate voice over for a mining supply and solutions development company.

Audio book recording.

IVR / Telephone on hold recording for a business.

Year-end graduation video voice over for a youth gymnastics franchise.

Online promo video for a company that is at the cutting edge of new pool paint technologies.

Corporate video voice over aimed at boosting employee retention.

A radio spot for a fishing tackle shop.

Training video voice over for top management at a company.

Radio spot for a prominent tractor maker.

Induction video voice over.

Radio spot voice for one of the top two mobile phone makers in the world.

Radio promo for a motor retailer.

Corporate video voice for an international religious institution.

Radio promo for an agricultural irrigation supply company.

University training video voice-over for staff access to online services.

Radio imaging. English and Afrikaans.

Radio promo for a water treatment company.

Destination holiday promo for a group travel product to the Swiss Alps.

Afrikaans radio imaging.

Corporate video for a refrigeration specialist.

Retail radio spot.

Afrikaans Audiobook.

Induction video for new employees at a mining company.

Retail radio promo.

Travel Agent promo for a travel agency moving out of the lockdown era of the pandemic. Afrikaans

Radio spot recorded for a plumbing company.

Radio sponsorship promo recorded for a large food production company.

Voice-over recorded for cinema spot.

Corporate voice-over for a tax specialist company working in the emigration industry.

Radio voice-over for a furniture removals company

IVR for a hardware store.

IVR for a stone masonry company.

IVR for a tech company working in the field of robotics.

Afrikaans radio spot for a lightning rod business.

Afrikaans radio spot for a multinational insurance company.

Awards show voice-over.

Radio promo spot recorded for a funeral home.

IVR for a telco.

Coprorate brag video voice-ove rabout a VERY good safety record. Also to serve as an inspiration to keep safety top of mind.
IVR recording for a telco. English.

Radio spot for international retailer.

IVR for a civil engineering firm.

IVR recording for an industrial transport vehicle manufacturing sales franchise.

IVR for an off-grid electricity generation specialist.

Corporate voiceover for a large construction company. To be used in a boardroom setting to explain in detail an extraordinary occurrance on a construction site.

Custom voice and effects developed for a digital mascot.

IVR for an auditing firm.

Retail voice over for a multinational retailer.

Online promo / Animated character voice over for a hotel.

Award show voice over.

Video voiceover for an environmental charity recorded.

Online promo voice over for a gaming app and casino.

Corporate employee induction video voiced.

Radio spot recorded for an international retailer.

Two radio promos for an outdoor event recorded.

Venue announcements recorded.

IVR / Telephone on hold for a dental practice. South African English.

Radio spot for a dairy products company. South African English.

New student induction video for a university. South African English.

Radio spot for an international retailer. South African English.

Radio imaging for the holidays of 2021.

Mine induction video voiceover. South African English.

Online tutorial for a university. South African English.

Radio spot for a VOIP company. South African English.

Internal promo video voiceover for a big construction company. South African English.

Radio spot for a dealership revealing new models. South African English.

Black Friday promo for a Mall.

Radio ad for an online auto trader. Afrikaans.

IVR for an auto sales franchise. South African English.

Radio Imaging. Sponsorship liners. (South African English)

Radio spot for a multinational retail chain. (South African English)

Television spot voiceover for a multinational car manufacturer. (American English)

Character voiceover for a radio spot on behalf of a nutrition company. (Afrikaans)

Brag video voiceover for a big construction company. (South African English)

Online explainer video voiceover for a travel industry bookings software maker. (South African English)

Covid-19 public service announcement / PSA for commercial radio. (Afrikaans)

Sports imaging for top tier cricket broadcast on commercial radio. (South African English)

Radio ad for a vehicle dealership. (Afrikaans)

IVR voiceover for a vehicle dealership. (South African English)

Radio ad for a pet shop. (South African English)

Voiceover for an academic institution’s online interactive virtual tour. ( South African English)

Corporate video voiceover for a food company. ( South African English)

IVR for a doctor’s office. ( South African English)

Retail radio ad. ( South African English)

Audiobook narration. (Afrikaans)

Audiobook narration. (Afrikaans)

Motor dealership spot for local radio. (Afrikaans)

Radio spot for a multinational agricultural production technology maker. ( South African English)

IVR / Telephone on hold recording for a property management company. ( South African English)

IVR / Telephone on hold recording for an enterprise development company. ( South African English)

Imaging for individual presenters on a commercial radio station

Radio spot recorded for a retail chain for use on international radio

IVR recording for a medical clinic (Afrikaans and South African English)

Promotional voice over for a television show. (Afrikaans)

Radio promo for a multinational retailer. (South African English)

Radio voice over for a renewable energy technology wholesaler ( South African English)

IVR / Telephone on hold recording for a Lawyer’s Firm ( South African English)

IVR / Telephone on hold recording for a Sherrif’s office ( South African English)

Explainer video voice over for use by a multinational mobile company to show various product options ( South African English)

Radio VO for a weight loss franchise ( South African English)

Corporate recording for a fitness company ( South African English)

IVR for motor company sales outlet. ( South African English)

Radio promo for a major international retailer ( South African English)

Critical Safety training video VO for a big mining company ( South African English)

Promo VO for a primetime television drama on pay television. (Afrikaans)

Inspirational VO for a new science project in the field of Psychology ( South African English)

IVR VO for a medical insurance company ( South African English)

VO for safety induction to a mineral processing plant ( South African English)

Imaging for a commercial radio station ( South African English & Afrikaans)

Introduction video VO for international auto parts manufacturer ( South African English)

Update to a prior training video VO ( South African English)

IVR work for a company in the residential maintenance industry ( South African English)

IVR work for a company in the auto repair industry ( South African English)

Radio spot for a national retailer (English)

Radio spot for a logistics company in the energy sector (English)

Testimonial video VO (English)

Various IVRs including for an Internet of Things / IoT company (English)

Commercial radio spot for international investment fund (English)

IVR for multiple sites of a franchise (English)

Induction VO for site safety at a mining company (English)

Corporate VO for telecoms company (English)

IVR for a project management company (English)

IVR for company in the construction industry (English)

TV promo for an academic institution (English)

Radio Promo for a national retailer (English)

Explainer VO for a charity working in the Middle East and Africa (English)

Radio spot promoting a new lifestyle and DIY concept store (English)

Radio Imaging VO (Afrikaans)

Retail promo VO (English)