Training video productions and interactive training video software programs are very effective and is consequently used widely in industry, therefore it is important for you to make sure you maximise your staff training by using the best mechanisms available to you as efficiently as possible. The right voice over is incredibly important and using a pro to do it is of tantamount importance. No use having the best video production and ruining the impact through poor voice over.

Training videos and online training solutions are popular mainly due to the fact that employees can manually review and reference the training at their leisure after formal course sessions. So what do I do? I DO NOT DO video production. I DO VOICE OVER for such productions. So no matter who you choose to produce your video, make sure they use a professional voice artist like me to do the vocals. I provide quick quality voice over for such productions, so let me give your production that professional touch.

Be it voice over for videos to be used in the classroom, online, hard copy or whatever, I can help.

My turnaround time on voice over is quick and the quality is top notch. I can usually deliver audio on the same day if the script is provided clean and ready in the morning. Depending on the length of the script of course. If I am very busy I will inform you so that you can plan accordingly.

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