Get a professional voice for your business telephone on hold system.

Generic on hold telephone, IVR and related voices are just that, GENERIC. One size fits all, well kind of. It doesn’t make you stand out and it doesn’t make your business sound as professional as it should. This is where a professional voice over comes in. I can provide you with the highest possible quality recording for the specific format your on hold system required. Bit rate, frequency and format in tow.

Contact me today for the answer to any and all your queries.

Benefits of professional sounding telephony messaging

  • Caller retention
  • Professional image
  • Sell more of your services or products
  • Sound professional. Be professional.
  • Be informative and helpful to customers while they wait.

What I do

I am a voice artist. I record voice.

What I don’t do

I don’t do productions where you require music and effects. I do know a couple of professionals who do, should you need it. Contact me today for more information.

Need help?

Need help with scripting and getting around the technical aspects? Contact me today and I will point you in the right direction.

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