Afrikaans demo audio clips

Soft sell



Medium sell



Hard sell



Coloured accent



Recent showpiece


English demo reel

To download the audio only South African English demo reel click here.

Afrikaans demo reel

To download the audio only Afrikaans demo reel, click here.


You can also send me a short script to record for you if you need something more specific to test my voice with. is my email address.

Game voice over

I did most of the male character voices in this game for mobile. Available on both Apple iOS and Android.

Here are some videos using my voice.
Announcer voice for the following Afrikaans OLX ads.



This video is in English.


Indaba Social Media Wall from Craig du Toit on Vimeo.

This video is in Afrikaans.


Lapa Hoofkarakter-Soektog from Craig du Toit on Vimeo.


An inside joke video poking fun at a never ending forum discussion for

Character English accents.

In order: South African, Russian, Chinese, French, German, American.