About Antowan

My professional history inevitably largely revolves around radio and family. I am incredibly lucky to have had a very supportive family who helped me reach for my dreams.

Community radio

1994 – Through a good friend of mine I heard of a new radio station opening up in Pretoria, called Radio Rippel 90.5 FM.  I was still in school. Standard 9 or as it is called today Grade 11. Both my friend Francois Wirth and I nailed the auditions. Good memories. Today that station has evolved into what is known as Groot FM. This was my foundation in radio and radio legend Kobus Rudolph was the key to the kingdom so to speak.

1996 – I went to study at the University of Pretoria and joined the student radio station TUKS FM. I worked here till shortly before finishing my degree. Student radio is another beast altogether. We had freeform radio back then. We could play whatever the heck we wanted to and we did. We had a massive vault filled with music and the levels of fun we had back then was stupendous.

Commercial radio

After I finished my studies I went into commercial radio.

Kosmos Digitaal – A Satellite broadcasting service on the Worldspace Satellite network.

Kolie van Koller (another radio legend) was my mentor at this, my first venture into commercial radio. The station later became a commercial FM station in Namibia and I followed the station there to work in that country for a short period before returning to South Africa to join Jacaranda FM in 2001.

Jacaranda FM

Here I was lucky enough to meet and work with voice god, Anton Schmidt. He was the person that introduced me to the right people at the right time in our local voice over industry.  THE BEST! The VERY BEST! I also got to work with radio programming master, Peter de Nobrega. A true master of his craft! He was the one who gave me a job at Jacaranda. I worked at Jacaranda FM until 2007 when I quit to pursue full time voice over work. In October 2010 I was asked to join again and help with training of new presenters. I did that until July 2014 when I quit again to pursue my full time voice over career.

Voice art

I am a full time voice artist today with a string of high profile brands that I represent.

What else have I done. I have done a couple of animated movie voices and dubbed some television series. I have acted in some television shows. Plenty of FUN STUFF actually. :o)

And I am very grateful to each and every one of the people that helped me on this road! A wonderful road!